The Weekender: Taking It in Stride


And just like that we’re full swing into August. You know that’s the case when everyone is panicked and attempting to squeeze in just a few more summer Fridays and NYFW prep is in full swing, meetings galore and it seems that you may not sleep again until October. So with that, take a breath, slow down and enjoy every single minute of the weekend.

So cheers, now go have fun and stop reading blog posts!



NYC-ers ….

  • This is the last weekend to check out the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit at the Met
  • Dream Dry just kicked their offerings up to the next level.
  • Brooklyn Fox, one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn is having a major sale this weekend.
  • Get your backside handed to you at City Row. You’ll thank me for the reco later I promise.
  • I was introduced to this new rooftop spot The Bowery House in the EV, definitely worth a visit.

Must reads

Currently Coveting

On one final note, is this really what society has come to? An ENTIRE book on this gals’ selfies???

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