One Trend 4 Ways: Move it or lose it

I joined forces with my fellow NYC blogging gals Alyssa from A-Listed , Lauren from PR Blonde  and Stef from Style Safari for an grueling workout of sorts here in NYC, better known as taking over the kids playground for an afternoon-o-fun and showing you just how many ways there are to wear this athleisure trend Read More

Post Thanksgiving Plan: Break a Sweat.

Tomorrow we feast and I mean really feast, so as your gorging on turkey, stuffing and pie, don’t think about the calories. There are no calories on holidays, didn’t you get the memo? However, if you’re anything like me you’ll be feeling the effects of Read More

Get Your Workout

I’m a bit of a workout nut and due to that I have a slight obsession with cool workout wear.  I like to look good while I’m breaking a sweat because me sweating just isn’t pretty.  Thankfully, Boden’s new activewear collection has nailed it with bold pieces Read More

Spring Refresh: Workout Edition

As with anything, especially your wardrobe, you sometimes need to hit the refresh button and workout gear is not to be overlooked here. Ditch the college tees, the severely worn in yoga pants and lord knows what else you’re throwing on to hit that barre Read More