The ii Style Diaries: How not to freeze to death 

The fine art of not freezing your ass off while skipping tights and allowing bare skin to be exposed to the bitter cold temps outside is something that has taken me quite some time to nail down.  But after a number of failed attempts I’d say Read More

Suede Swing

My all black NYC uniform made an appearance in Dallas a few weeks back! A few style tips for the girl on a budget below. These boots are so similar to my Stuart W but are only $103. Stocking up on an extra pair just Read More

Impossibly Delicious Cocktail Holiday Edition: Mulled Wine

Mulled wine has helped see me through nearly eight years of blizzard like conditions in New York. It’s true. When I moved to the East Village my apartment was conveniently located next door to this little bar that I still to this day refer to as Read More

Last Minute Christmas Shopping with 6PM.COM

December has been feeling more like October this year making that age old question of “what the heck do I wear?” an even more difficult one than usual. I haven’t really broken out my winter wardrobe yet because you can’t when it’s 62 outside so dressing Read More

On Repeat

It’s rare that I wear an entire outfit more than once, let alone one that is seemingly as “simple” as this one. I have this need to keep mixing things up, rotating my favorite pieces while making them feel fresh and new. However, this particular look Read More