Finding the Motivation to Workout with Reebok

Staying fit on the go is a topic I’m pretty open about especially given how much I travel. it’s a stress reliever, a mind clearer and so much more but most importantly? It’s that sense of accomplishment that I feel after whatever workout it is Read More

Impossibly Imperfect x Body Conceptions Pre-Beach Season Event Recap

Impossibly Imperfect, Fitness, Event, NYC, Bandier, Body Conceptions

A few months back I was introduced to Mahri Relin of Body Conceptions and her six week “Love Yourself, Love Your Body” challenge. I came away from those weeks with more than a few inches off of my body, the ability to do a proper push-up, Read More

Staying Fit on The Road

{ALALA Sports Bra and Tone It Up x Bandier Leggings) It’s difficult enough to keep up a fitness regime during your daily routine but it’s even more challenging as a frequent traveler to find the motivation to do it.  As someone who racked up more flier Read More

Love Yourself Love Your Body Fitness Challenge Update!

Finding the motivation to drag yourself to the gym or a class can be brutal, even more challenging? For me it’s ensuring that while you are there, be it the gym or a class, that you aren’t just half assing the workout but that you Read More

Fit Series: Love Yourself Love Your Body Challenge with Body Conceptions

In January I started a more robust health and wellness series that has since evolved into a bigger piece of content for Impossibly Imperfect. Your comments, emails and kind words have shown me that you, very much like me, are looking to live a healthier Read More