The Weekender: Happy 2016!

Happy first week of 2016 lovelies! Hope it’s been a great start to the year! I’m back in full swing with my ‘Weekender’ series and so excited to start tackling things to do in the city again after a brief hiatus over the holidays spent Read More


This week’s ‘weekender’ is short, sweet and to the point. Cheers to the weekends folks, get outta town, curl up in bed, do a netflix FRIENDS marathon, just have an amazing one! xx A Randomness that you should read: 3 words. Homemade cookie butter. All Read More

The Weekender: Savoring Summer

How summer has come and gone so fast is simply beyond me. Given that I have been traveling quite a bit I’m actually looking forward to this long weekend to relax and savor every single last minute of summer that I can with a little Read More

The Weekender: Taking It in Stride

And just like that we’re full swing into August. You know that’s the case when everyone is panicked and attempting to squeeze in just a few more summer Fridays and NYFW prep is in full swing, meetings galore and it seems that you may not Read More

The Weekender: Hello August!

So August has arrived like a big slap in the face. Where has summer gone?! While I’m sure we’ve all been enjoying the summer weekends and warm nights, the mere thought of them ending is incredibly depressing.  So I’m making it a point to enjoy Read More