The Weekend

The Weekender: Hello August!

So August has arrived like a big slap in the face. Where has summer gone?! While I’m sure we’ve all been enjoying the summer weekends and warm nights, the mere thought of them ending is incredibly depressing.  So I’m making it a point to enjoy Read More

The Weekender: Hello Summer

Well it appears as though summer has officially arrived given the plethora of outdoor activities and rather ghostlike Friday commutes these days, clearly no one is doing 9 – 6 on Fridays in NYC.  I know that I’m not the only one conducting meetings on Read More

The Weekender: Oh, have a beautiful time!

After hours (seriously) of brainstorming how to spend the perfect first 60 degree day of the year my friends and I finally landed on brunch and possibly the botanical gardens, I know it’s a very ingenious idea. But however you choose to spend tomorrow I Read More