Indian Summer

Call me crazy, but I’m struggling with the fact that summer is over. I shot this amazing shoot with my friend Dyan out at an old rock quarry that my sister Stephanie stumbled across one afternoon. I can’t think of a better way to end Read More

Vacation Chronicles: Deep in the Heart of Texas

A few weekends ago I headed back down to Texas, this time for a girl’s weekend in one of the greatest cities in the country {in my opinion} … good ole’ Austin. While I did go to a rival college {Boomer Sooner!} I have always Read More

Taking My Poolside Game Up A Notch

Pooltime hits a special level of chicness when one is traveling don’t you think? Especially when you’re staying at a spa B&B. It’s no longer just acceptable to toss on cut-offs and trust me as a person that owns upwards of 8 pairs that’s pretty Read More

Southern Gal Needs: Love, Music & Whiskey

Being a Texas gal, I’ve somehow managed to find myself surrounded by other southern ladies and will never complain about that ever. Aside from genuinely being kick ass friends we all know the three things that can turn any good or bad day into an Read More

Romping Around

Looking decent, let alone put together, while battling the heat in Texas is never an easy undertaking. But a few select things will help you stay cool. First, drop the hair dryer, loose beachy waves are not only completely in right now but you also Read More