Country Cool

I’m often inspired by my surroundings when pulling together so it’s really no surprise that when I was back in Texas I put my own little spin on some western inspired pieces. This Hazel dress is gauzy perfection, especially when you’re battling the Texas heat {hello 105!} Read More

A Floral Love Affair

Let’s be realistic here, love is a strong word, we toss it around like it means nothing at all most times. I’m guilty of saying it for a majority of the items that I own, however, this French Connection dress was love. It was love at first Read More


When July rolls around we’re all pretty much in an elated casual summer style mindset but then the relentless July heat hits and all of the sudden it’s a whole new fashion game.  You don’t want to look like a drowned rat, you want to Read More

Taking It to Great Lengths

Once spring and summer roll around I tend to ditch my jeans or any pants for that matter, for more weather friendly articles of clothing (i.e. shorts, rompers, dresses and skirts) – the main reason for this you ask? Well, it boils down to the Read More