Southern Gal Needs: Love, Music & Whiskey

Being a Texas gal, I’ve somehow managed to find myself surrounded by other southern ladies and will never complain about that ever. Aside from genuinely being kick ass friends we all know the three things that can turn any good or bad day into an Read More


When July rolls around we’re all pretty much in an elated casual summer style mindset but then the relentless July heat hits and all of the sudden it’s a whole new fashion game.  You don’t want to look like a drowned rat, you want to Read More

Currently Coveting: Emerson Fry Spring Collection

There is a tiny glimmer of hope that spring is trying it’s hardest to break through here in NYC. The fact that it was above freezing today and didn’t have to wear ski socks in my snow boots was a refreshing feeling. So much so Read More

NYE Style & Beauty: Glitz & Glam

With the holidays officially behind us, we turn our focus to celebrate the year that was a ring in the new year! What better way to ring it in than rocking a little leather ensemble glammed up with some serious baubles and just the right Read More

Travel Essentials: Beauty First

While traveling, I had the opportunity to pick my make-up artist sister’s brain on all things beauty. Most importantly I was able to find out what the ultimate beauty essentials are for your carry-on be it a shuttle flight up to Boston or a cross Read More