Making An Impossibly Bold Entrance

I naturally gravitate towards bold patterns and bright colors {clearly seen here, here and here!} I have noticed that I especially do so in warmer months {naturally} but I really think it’s because I’m over looking like I belong at a funeral wearing all dark Read More

Is THIS the shoe that could replace my sneakers?

Ugly or on trend? To each their own on this one but I’ll admit I was a bit on the fence in regards to accepting it as something I wouldn’t be ashamed to have in my closet. The fact that my uncle has worn Tevas Read More

It’s A Short Story

I snagged these embellished, high waisted shorts practically the same day that they hit ASOS and likely while my walk to work looked more like the ski slopes of Vail than sun drenched streets covered in greenery and pretty flowers. So you better believe that Read More

Spring Refresh: Workout Edition

As with anything, especially your wardrobe, you sometimes need to hit the refresh button and workout gear is not to be overlooked here. Ditch the college tees, the severely worn in yoga pants and lord knows what else you’re throwing on to hit that barre Read More

Lunching & Dancing

I recently had the luxury of heading down to my hometown of Dallas to escape the cold here in New York, to visit with my family and enjoy a bit of that good old fashion mood boosting magic called sunshine. I had almost forgotten the Read More