New York

Having A Carrie Moment

It’s hard to believe but I have officially lived in New York for longer than I care to admit, time has flown since I left Texas exactly eight years ago today {what???} and I without a doubt would not change one thing about the path Read More

Hello Lovah

With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day {or Galentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day or National Hallmark and cheesy cards day or whatever else you’d like to call it} I felt it was only fitting to take my Kate Spade “Hello Stranger” clutch for a little whirl, don’t you Read More

About Last Night

Let’s be honest here, January in New York is anything but delightful, it’s downright brutal and unforgiving. Coming off the heels of an absolutely wonderful vacation in Thailand, I simply refuse to let January win. Blame it on my southern roots but I’m stubborn and Read More

What I Wore: NYFW Day #3

If you were in NYC for Day #3 of NYFW {that’d be Saturday!} then you felt what was quite possibly the most brutally hot, steamy, muggy day we have experienced all summer. It was rough. For those not her and experiencing it, let me paint Read More

The Weekender: Hello Summer

Well it appears as though summer has officially arrived given the plethora of outdoor activities and rather ghostlike Friday commutes these days, clearly no one is doing 9 – 6 on Fridays in NYC.  I know that I’m not the only one conducting meetings on Read More