My Winter Beauty Rx

Winter, even in the crazy warm phase we’ve been experiencing, will do some serious damage to your skin, hair and face. Enter the trifecta of beauty pros (Katelyn, Andrea & Joanna!) who have helped give my damaged winter self a much needed Rx of TLC. Read More

II On the Go: Getting Ready with Trestique

Between my day job, the blog and my personal life I keep a relatively busy schedule from sun up to well past sun down, meaning gym to work to meetings to cocktails to dinner on a regular basis. Any product that can attempt to help Read More

Recreating the look: Indian Summer

On Monday, I shared the stunning shoot I did in Texas a little while back and today, thanks to so many inquiring about how to recreate the hair and makeup that my ridiculously talented makeup artist managed to whip up on me. I loved how Read More