Small Space Decorating: A Hauntingly Grand Soiree

It’s officially my favorite time of year and not just because it’s my birthday month, seriously, my ‘Festive’ Pinterest board proves it. Ever since I was little Halloween has been been my second favorite holiday.  I used to throw an annual Halloween party and miss Read More

Menu Inspiration: Cinco de Mayo Feast!

This coming Monday is not just any Margarita Monday, it’s Cinco de Mayo Monday! As a Texas girl, I believe (as do so many others) that tequila flows through our veins, it’s practically water to most. Well, maybe that’s extreme but I am quite the Read More

Last Minute Inspiration: Easter Sunday Brunch Menu

With Easter quickly hopping onto this scene this weekend, I felt that it was only the nice thing to do for all of you last minute planners (myself included!) that I share a pretty inspirational round up of things to whip up this Sunday … Read More

Happy Love Day

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day, silly, Hallmark holiday or not, I love it. Regardless of your relationship status, I hope that you will spend the evening doing whatever it is that makes you happy and being with those you love. I’ll Read More

Slated for a Great {New} Years

I for one love any reason to dress up in a cocktail dress and heels, I’ve always gone with the mindset of you’d rather be overdress than underdressed. Of course, NYE is no exception. Even if I were staying inside on the couch, I would Read More