Fit Series: Love Yourself Love Your Body Challenge with Body Conceptions

In January I started a more robust health and wellness series that has since evolved into a bigger piece of content for Impossibly Imperfect. Your comments, emails and kind words have shown me that you, very much like me, are looking to live a healthier Read More

January Fit Series: Dance Machine

Little known fact about me … I love to dance. I mean any kind of dancing. I’m not great but I could care less. Maybe it is all of those years as a cheerleader back home in Texas but I enjoy going to a class, Read More

Fit Series: The Multitasking Gems

As I’ve shared before, I like to mix up my workouts classes. I LOVE a great opportunity to knock out a workout that will literally target every part of my body. I call them the multi-taskers. I’ve been an avid fan of Barry’s bootcamp for Read More

January Fit Series: Changing the Game

Yes yes it’s a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start and a chance to create new goals, which often includes that annual goal of getting in shape. Instead of making this an annual goal, I like to think of it as a goal Read More

Post Thanksgiving Plan: Break a Sweat.

Tomorrow we feast and I mean really feast, so as your gorging on turkey, stuffing and pie, don’t think about the calories. There are no calories on holidays, didn’t you get the memo? However, if you’re anything like me you’ll be feeling the effects of Read More