Perfect Never

  Let’s get real for a second. If any of you are like me, getting back into the groove following the holidays is ROUGH. Sure every single person you know is hitting the gym, trying out whole30 or attempting some sort of a January detox Read More

The ii Style Diaries: How not to freeze to death 

The fine art of not freezing your ass off while skipping tights and allowing bare skin to be exposed to the bitter cold temps outside is something that has taken me quite some time to nail down.  But after a number of failed attempts I’d say Read More

The ii Style Guide: 5 Tips to Wearing a Statement Fur

Statement fur

In case you missed the memo back during the AW ‘16 shows statement furs ruled the runways from New York and London to Milan and Paris.  Needless to say these are not pieces for wallflowers. Bold patterns, rainbow bright colors, geometric shapes slapped onto a Read More

This Isn’t Dorothy’s Gingham Dress

Gingham is one of those prints that gets a bad rap. Too sweet. Too home on the range. Too Dorothy. You want to look more Mary-Ann than Dorothy right? But the real goal is to give off those Brigitte Bardot vibes … slight sex-appeal mixed Read More

One last summer soiree

Sure summer is coming to an end but you can still get a bit of wear out of those breezy maxi dresses. There’s one last weekend, one more for beach dreams, palm trees, summer soirees, rose filled Sundays with the loveliest of sunsets. This Yumi Kim Read More