The Weekender: In A New York Weekend …

What a nutty week between the Super Bowl, the snow storms and the start of fashion week I feel like this city has been on an overzealous, panic, crazy mode for the whole month of February already. Yes that’s right FEBRUARY. You still have a Read More

Get In the Know: Novis

Twice a month I’ll be bringing you a brand to watch, shop and fall in love with. I personally love to wear a vast variety of brands, some mainstream and some not so much. It’s vital to the development and progression of fashion to support Read More

Valentine’s Day Love List

Let’s be honest, a Valentine’s Day “wishlist” just isn’t that it’s more of a love list. It’s the little things that we likely aren’t running out to snag for ourselves (or maybe you are, no judgement here!) or your’re looking to pick up a little Read More

Get to Baking: Nutella Stuffed Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are an essential part of my diet, heck almost all sweets are so don’t judge. Sweet intake is just about eating in moderation people! But when I started testing out new ingredients to take my cookies up a notch the other day, Read More

Case of the Winter Blues

It’s not a secret that winter has been brutally cold, especially as of late with what seems to be a never ending visit by this fun polar vortex situation. This past weekend was frigid and it’s easy to fall victim to a serious case of Read More