Holiday Party Season Dressing

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Holiday party season is officially in full swing! I love this time of year! I’m a girl who grew up in dresses and barbie dolls, I’m usually overdressed (one of the style “rules” Grammy so kindly passed over to me!) and love a reason to dress up in an amazing dress. Speaking of which, how gorgeous is this Self-Portrait number? I’ve praised this designer before but I have to say this little one was just too perfect for the holidays, especially for a holiday charity gala! 

Self Portrait dress, NYC, Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Holiday Outfit, 2IMG_5288 IMG_5477

Shop the look:

4 Thoughts on “Holiday Party Season Dressing

  1. Beautiful dress, it looks amazing on you and so festive !


  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous look! That dress is just perfectly bold without being overly demanding. I love it!

    xx, Ashleigh |

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