Taking My Poolside Game Up A Notch

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Pooltime hits a special level of chicness when one is traveling don’t you think? Especially when you’re staying at a spa B&B. It’s no longer just acceptable to toss on cut-offs and trust me as a person that owns upwards of 8 pairs that’s pretty difficult to do. But I personally love to take it up a notch from time to time. Not to mention I love the retro vibe that a high-waisted suit gives off and paired with a classic white eyelet coverup with a big brim hat? My favorite poolside look. What are you donning at the pool over these last few weekends left in summer?

headshotin motion black and white, retro, pooltime, texasHuit, Highwaisted bikini, black and beige, stripes, retro Highwaisted Bikini, Pool, Pooltime goofing off, Huit, Highwaisted bikini, black and beige, stripes, retro Huit, Highwaisted bikini, black and beige, stripes, retro
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Southern Gal Needs: Love, Music & Whiskey


Being a Texas gal, I’ve somehow managed to find myself surrounded by other southern ladies and will never complain about that ever. Aside from genuinely being kick ass friends we all know the three things that can turn any good or bad day into an ridiculously good one … love, music and/or whiskey. {Though if you ask me it should be in the reverse order!} Call it the Southern gals cure-all but the power of those three is pretty epic. So it’s only fitting that this Bobo House tee  {c/o Bobo House} become the must-have for the southern crew don’t you think?


Special shoutout to Stephanie Nelson Makeup for handling hair & make-up. xoxo


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What to Wear When You’re Montauk Bound

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I’m Montauk bound this weekend so no real weekender (sorry!) but I’m bringing you a little wardrobe inspiration for the Hamptons, which can be donned in just about any beach setting. Montauk is all about laid-back cool, no need for heels, a curling iron or anything else that requires more than 10 minutes of your time to put together. I will not only be embracing casual comforts of the Montauk Beach House where we are staying but you better believe that I’ll be enjoying every second of being out east with the girls. Come next week I’ll be sharing all of the details of where we went, the spots to grab dinner at and of course where to get your drink on. , But in the meantime, I’m giving you the deets of what is in my weekender, which of course includes flats, lots of SPF, bikinis and of course my must have maxi dresses. I personally can’t wait for the weekend, hope yours is equally as enjoyable wherever you may be!


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Romping Around

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Looking decent, let alone put together, while battling the heat in Texas is never an easy undertaking. But a few select things will help you stay cool. First, drop the hair dryer, loose beachy waves are not only completely in right now but you also can spare your self the extra 20 minute sweat session with the blow dryer.  Ease up on the makeup but plus up on the sunscreen.  Sun damage is just not pretty. And an easy outfit, a la a bright colored silk romper, can be your best friend and lets you take a break from wearing all of your sundresses to death.

Romper, Wedges, OOTD, Texas, Countryside Romper, Wedges, OOTD, Texas, Countryside Romper, Wedges, OOTD, Texas, Countryside Romper, Wedges, OOTD, Texas, Countryside Romper, Wedges, OOTD, Texas, Countryside Romper, Wedges, OOTD, Texas, Countryside cropped

How to be a Monday Morning Person


Dear Monday, Case of the Monday'sIt’s inevitable, summertime will always bring pretty severe cases of the Mondays. You’re back in the office, sitting at the desk wondering how it was that just a mere 24 hours earlier you were working on your tan at the beach. Let’s face it, Monday’s are just rough but they can be made a bit better.

For starters, it’s all about how you wind your weekend down so make Sunday count.

This year, amidst the craziness of summer, I have found that enjoying an amazing meal with two of my closest friends on Sunday evening might just be the best way to end the weekend. We go to the same place, sit outside, enjoy an outstanding glass of wine and split some of our favorite dishes. It’s a nice ritual to have and helps end the weekend on a high note. We don’t do it every weekend but when we do it’s perfect.

To prep for the week ahead, I get my ducks in a row. My Monday to do list is written out, my calendar updated, which I actually print the second I get into the office, but on Sunday night I go through and prioritize emails that have come in over the weekend especially since I have colleagues in London that will most definitely be sending through a few dozen or so notes before I’m even out of bed on Monday morning. Doing this little bit of work on Sunday night will ensure a fresh start to Monday. The ROI is exponentially better than holding it all until Monday.

Come Monday?

Hit the gym. Don’t hit the snooze button (I’ll give you a onetime hit) but that’s it. You have to start the week off right and in what better way can you do that besides keeping your mind clear and energizing yourself for the week ahead.  The thought of running sound a little too intense? Try this do anywhere workout, it’s quick and will do the trick to get you in the right Monday mindset!

A good cup of joe can do wonders, it may sound ridiculous but I “treat” myself to a nicer coffee on Monday mornings. It’s typically a weekend only splurge but by allowing myself that tiny weekend indulgence on Monday morning helps me ease into the week a bit better.

Lastly, the right playlist. I walk to the office every morning, rain or shine, polar vortex or sweltering summer sun and you better believe that music has the ability to flip my mood. Some days it’s country, others it’s classical, maybe a little rap depending on what I am anticipating for the day but regardless, it’s going to effect how you take on the day.