Haute Hippie, Tequila, OOTD, What I wore, Dallas, Friday, TGIF Today’s TGIFF is a little more brief to and to the point …. Take life with a grain of salt. Go with the flow. Have fun and enjoy every day.  Have a fabulous weekend friends. That is all! xoxo

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{Shot by Britney Tarno // MUH by Stephanie Nelson Makeup Hair}

Le vie est belle

Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Being back home in Texas is one of the best feelings in the world, to have those moments with my friends and family who still live there are moments I cherish. I must say there is something to be said for waking up and watching the sunrise over the Texas hills on the lake. It’s peaceful, breathtaking and good for the soul. You have a quiet moment to enjoy this beautiful thing called life. I realized that in my harried days here in New York I often times forget to do that, to take that moment to be grateful for the little things. When Britney, Stephanie and I were discussing this shoot months ago, we all knew that this was just the perfect spot, a spot that each of us has a personal connection to and one that truly showcases the beauty Texas. Being able to spend this morning with my sister and Britney (as well as her rockstar sister) is something I will hold dear to me.

So I want this little style post to be more than just a great dress (which it is) and my pink hair (which I’m obsessed with.) I hope will inspire you to take a moment to see the beauty in life, to take a moment to just take it all in and to find that time to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are at and where you are going.



Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic Fashion Blogger, Happy Place, Reflection, Dallas, Texas, Style, Boho Chic

{Shot by the incredible Britney Tarno || Pink hair and makeup by the crazy talented Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair}

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The Impossibly Delicious Cocktail: Upward Float

Upward Float, Seamstress, NYC, Cocktails, Drinks, Happy Hour, Ice Cream

Image c/o Campari

Anything that pairs a few of my favorite things together is bound to not only get my attention but also have my love. The Upward Float, created by Created by Pamela Wiznitzer of the uber cool cocktail bar Seamstress here in New York City, has done both and quite successfully if I do say so myself. Wiznitzer paired Campari, Gin, Cocchi Rosa, Vanilla soda and Vanilla ice cream together for a fun boozy sweet treat. This is one to break out for a poolside soiree or if you aren’t that fortunate whip them up for this week’s book club get together. Don’t worry your neighborhood wine store will understand that you need a break from your 10 bottles of rose this week.

The goods:

  • ¾ oz. Campari
  • ¾ oz. Bulldog Gin
  • 1 oz. Cocchi Rosa
  • 3-4 oz. Dry Vanilla Soda
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

Create it:

  • Build in the glass and top with ice cream and dry vanilla soda.
  • Garnish with Campari syrup, orange peel and sprinkles if desired.

Side note: If you are fortunate enough to reside in NYC you must hit up Seamstress, located on the Upper Eastside, it’s a delightful break from the craft beer joints and fratty hangouts up there. What I love most is that you can order from a variety of cocktail concoctions {What they like to call Tailor Made … need I say more?} These pitchers are perfect for small or larger parties as they serve two to six people and trust me, they are quite impressive.



Mini Travel Diaries: Toronto

Remember when I gave you a little life update that is turning into a new series over here on the blog? Well I’m excited to share the first city travel diary … Toronto!

I found myself heading up to Toronto, midweek for less than 16 hours. How does one manage to do work, enjoy a city and sleep in that little time? Prioritize what your main objective is in that city. For most, when it’s these type of short haul trips you’re there for work but you can attempt to enjoy the city you’re in! Most important thing to do is to find a hotel in a great area that will let you get a sense of the city without having to go all over the entire city. I’ve found that my hotel selection is crucial. Always pick a boutique hotel! Boutique hotels give you such a unique, localized experience and a much more knowledgeable staff that big chain options.

Toronto, Drake Hotel, Canada In Toronto we could not have chosen a better spot. The Drake Hotel, which we booked for a steal at the last minute on Booking.com, was possibly the best choice made on this trip! The service was impeccable, the decor retro chic and the welcome? Beyond outstanding. Upon arriving I was greeted with a few bottles of bubbly, a handwritten welcome card and their turn down service? Better than expected, no mini chocolate here but instead some fresh caramel popcorn and Keihl’s products to top it off.

PS love that little gem of a piece of luggage below? It is ALL that I packed for my quick trip too! Exciting news is that Impossibly Imperfect readers can get 10% off any Steamline luggage purchase using code:  IMP10 {Head here to check out all of their gorgeous pieces!

Toronto, Drake Hotel, Canada

Enjoy a little live music down the street at The Carbon Bar with a cocktail in hand. I for one highly recommend the “Waiting for the Sun”

Carbon Bar, Toronto, Canada

Grab dinner at Mamakas, an eclectic little Greek spot that is an unexpected winner not only from a dish perspective but it is a decor lover’s dream spot.

mamakas, toronto, canada

To cap the night off enjoy a glass of Tampernio on the rooftop at The Drake, The Sky Yard is an indoor, outdoor spot with an idyllic setting a cozy little benches and delightful little late night bites.

Toronto, Drake Hotel, Canada

I for one cannot wait to head back to visit! Stay tuned for city number two next week!

Red, White & Blue


The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching which means BBQs, beers, pooltime and a fun long weekend to top it off! I like to get in the spirit of the holiday just a bit and this year I’ll be branching out of my normal July 4th uniform of cut-offs and a cute shirt with this little patriotic Joie dress. Just the ticket for a beach BBQ and some serious firework action! Details below on how to recreate this super simple braid that Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair whipped up on me in under 8 minutes!

Get the look:  Joie Tilde Dress {on sale here} // Wedges {old; love these similar ones!} // Vintage clutch {similar here and here} // Karen Walker sunnies from Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program


Easiest braid how-to ever:

  • Use Sexy Hair volumizing dry shampoo to add texture and volume to hair
  • Create multiple small/skinny braids
  • Then take and twist back each one, weaving them together into a regular, full braid
  • Finish by tying the hair into a knot at the end
  • Seal the  look with a good solid spray of the Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder to lock everything in and keep it looking great in the relentless Texas humidity!


Beauty Deets: Long lasting foundation {incredible and stayed on in the Texas heat!} // Contouring bronzer {I don’t leave home without it!} // MAC Rich Lipstick in Ladies Who Lunch // Faux tan life saver // Bellamihair extensions in Biolauge 220 weight


Test run my Karen Walker sunnies  using Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program that allows you to have unlimited designer sunnies sent to your home each month so you can switch them out just like you do with Rent the Runway outfits! That means any pair you want and as many swaps as you want for only $19/month. Do yourself a favor and sign up HERE and get your first month free.

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Photography by Jasmine Adisbeth // Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair