Fridaze, Denim on Denim, Canadian Tuxedo Friday you sure took your sweet time getting here this weekend. Though I can’t complain this week was packed with exciting meetings (more to come on those soon!), a TFF film Sleeping With Other People,  cocktailing and snagging some wonderful finds at the Design on a Dime cocktail party (thank you WETSTYLE, for having me as your guest!) and finally hitting up a new NYC spot that’s been on my list for a while, Upland. With such a jam packed week, I’m thoroughly looking forward to a productive weekend that’ll include brunching at one of my neighborhood favorites, Claudette, lamb burgers at Porchlight and the most delicious italian food at Malatesta Trattoria. Clearly there is no bikini diet in sight for moi.

Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful weekend as well!


For the New Yorker:

  • MOMA PS1’s rooftop is open for biz.
  • Hit up Design on a Dime tonight and tomorrow
  • Head to Cherry Hill in Central Park to enjoy the Cherry Blossom blooms.
  • Check out the new Whitney Museum

Impossibly random but good reads:

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Gingham Me

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One of spring’s biggest trends can be considered rather singular if you will. Gingham, preppy but sophisticated. Dorothy made it famous with her sweet blue and white print in the 30’s, Marilyn and Katherine insured it lived on in the 50s and 60s and then {thankfully} Diane made damn well sure that it was to be all over the streets in 2015. Possibly one of the easiest wardrobe updates you can make this season to your wardrobe.  Play around with different colors, silhouettes. You really can’t go wrong I promise.

Gingham, Dress, OOTD, street style, nyc 6 Gingham, Street Style, OOTD, NYC, West Village 5 Gingham, Street Style, OOTD, NYC, West Villag, 3Gingham, Dress, OOTD, street style, nyc .jpg Gingham, Dress, OOTD, street style, nycGingham, Dress, OOTD, street style, nyc 11Gingham, Street Style, OOTD, NYC, West Village

Shop my favorite gingham pieces:


ae254bdff80f06221a5e44fd891515c1Hellooooo Friday, I thought you’d never arrive. In case you missed the memo, Spring {better known as rose rooftop season} has officially arrived, thus you can for sure expect to see a lot of rooftop, park, flower, picnic, bikeride and/or sunset snaps coming to your Instagram feed soon, that is of course assuming your following along! Sunny and 75 tomorrow which means I’ll be hitting up the Brooklyn Flea, brunching at Jack’s Wife Frieda and frozen whiskey cocktails on the Gorbals rooftop, life is good. Hope you have an equally wonderful weekend! Xo


New Yorkers:

  • Today is the last day for Haute Hippie’s Sample Sale
  • DVF in person at the NYPL. Snag tickets now.
  • One of my fave west coast stores, Beckley, is popping up in SoHo!
  • Cookie DoNYC is hands down the most delicious and adorable foodie gift.
  • Check out Flour Shop’s insane Gumball installation at the Brooklyn Museum
  • I did Dream Dry for the first time. Blowouts will never be the same.
  • Skin Laundry is a game changer, make your appointments now.
  • The French Institute Alliance Française is back with another amazing group of inspiring women for their Fashion Talks series. I can’t wait to hear Kate Betts and Garance Doré Sign up now for your spot.

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Get in on Ditto’s new Endless Eyewear program that allows you to have unlimited designer sunnies sent to your home each month so you can switch them out just like you do with Rent the Runway outfits! That means any pair you want and as many swaps as you want for only $19/month. Do yourself a favor and sign up HERE and get your first month free.


Getaway Strategy

Steamline Luggage, Getaway, Roadtrip, Wanderlust, Travel, Travel Tips, Tibi, Few things bring me as much joy as traveling does. I love everything about my life in New York but sometimes you have to get out to appreciate city living a little bit. Not to mention, I have a passion for exploring new places, trying new things and going on an adventure every so often. One of the greatest things about living in NYC is that I’m a mere car ride away from a number of electric towns in the Hudson River Valley {hello Woodstalk}, beach towns such as Nantucket, Newport or the Hamptons or hop on a short flight down to Charleston. A weekend getaway is good for the soul, it’s a quick escape from the harried daily routines of the city, a few days to just relax, explore and enjoy the company you’re keeping. Though, as much as these quick little jaunts are fun, I admittedly have a bit of a packing issue and I tend to forget key things. I also am keeping Crest in business as I buy a new toothbrush on almost every trip I go on. No matter how hard I try I inevitably over pack, even for a quick getaway, so I’ve challenged myself in recent months to lock it up and pack more efficiently.

Necessity number one when traveling? 

Chic carry-on luggage that holds up like no other and actually fits everything so you’re not sitting there on top of your suitcase squeezing your entire wardrobe in with the force of god. We’ve all done it. I was recently introduced to Steamline Luggage, which not only fits each of these criteria but I have never been stopped so many times by people asking where I got my something than I did with this piece, which any female can agree with is a well received compliment. I scooped up the Correspondent carryon in grey/yellow.

Impossibly Imperfect readers can get 10% off any luggage purchase using code:  IMP10 {Head here to check out all of their gorgeous pieces!

Packing tips: 

  • Plan outfits ahead – This has been the biggest struggle but you’ll reap the benefits. You will feel less discombobulated on your trip trying to pull everything out of the suitcase and select outfits.
  • Pack two pairs of shoes – No your shoe game will not suffer by limiting yourself to two pairs of shoes.  Take a pair for the day that you should ultimately be wearing on the flight or in the car {I.e. Flats!} and depending on your locale a pair of wedges or heels.
  • Your layering strategy is crucial – This will require you to think and pack ahead, but place the things you won’t need immediately on the bottom and work from there. I tend to do Sunday outfit, Saturday night, Saturday day, swimsuits {if necessary} and Pjs.
  • Get on board with travel size everything – Nearly every single one of the products I use daily has a travel size companion. Hit up 3 Fl Oz for everything from shampoo to face washes from all of your go-to brands. For makeup? By far my biggest hurdle, check out Stowaway Cosmetics, who specializes in catering to your travel needs with custom makeup kits. Steamline Luggage, Getaway, Roadtrip, Wanderlust, Travel, Travel Tips, Tibi,
  • Steamline Luggage, Getaway, Roadtrip, Wanderlust, Travel, Travel Tips, Tibi, Steamline Luggage, Getaway, Roadtrip, Wanderlust, Travel, Travel Tips, Tibi, Steamline Luggage, Getaway, Roadtrip, Wanderlust, Travel, Travel Tips, Tibi, Steamline Luggage, Getaway, Roadtrip, Wanderlust, Travel, Travel Tips, Tibi,

Get in the Know: Bell’INVITO


A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of meeting one of the most creative, driven and wonderful women, Heather Wiese-Alexander, the founder of the luxe stationary brand Bell’INVITO. Right off the bat, Heather was quite possibly one of the most polite gals I have ever met, we hit it off immediately talking about our mutual hometown of Dallas, Texas. After she walked me through the exquisite new collections and talked a little shop, I had a chance to pick her brain not only on Bell’INVITO but also her extensive and rather interesting background that led her to her dream job.  If you take nothing else away from this interview, just know that hard work will get you that dream job, Heather is the epitome of this. Check out the full interview below!bespoke-stationery_engraved-menu

Why did you start Bell’INVITO?

I love making things for people. As I grew up that manifested in everything from cookies to scary craft projects. When I became an art director and began to understand which aspects of creating that I loved most, I found a happy place in designing invitations.

The people pleaser that I am was not having the mediocre quality with my name attached. I started researching old presses so I could tell my local printer exactly what to adjust to give me the results I wanted. I was so persistent–I’m surprised he even let me back in the shop! Admittedly, I have an impetuous tendency to want to solve problems. Somehow that landed me as the owner of a manufacturing company.


Why makes you excited to go to work everyday? 

Two things really make me happy when I’m headed into the office. First, the people I work with are fantastic. I truly love my staff. Second, the problem solving aspect of my position is exhilarating. I have truly loathed some of the experiences as I went through them. But I am so, so glad I have learned those lessons young. Watching a stationery company work like ours does in an age where email and texting reigns, and adding in the challenge of creating new brand awareness–that is a very wild roller coaster. I love it!


While I am a firm believer in the art of letterpress, beautifully created stationary and snail mail, some might say that this is a dying field. What are your thoughts on that?  Why do you think it’s important to keep this alive in a world of digital Paperless Post events?  

First, as the masses move towards all things digital, one thing inevitably is happening, those who want to set themselves apart naturally gravitate toward something better. When you want to emphasize the importance of an event, the sincerity of your appreciation, or even just prove your own taste and sophistication as above the norm, well-made stationery is the answer. Although the perception might be that the digital age is the enemy, it’s actually giving the desire for sophisticated living a renaissance in a world that had gone casual. The second reality is that people’s inboxes are way too full. A beautiful Paperless Post is convenient, but it gets lost in the digital shuffle. A hand-written note is simply more of an effort than an email. Appreciation is measured in effort and sincerity. No matter how pretty they are, emails are still just emails.


In one phrase, how would you describe your personal style? 

An insouciant aesthete